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The B5 folks at a Mexican place last June [Wednesday, May 23rd 2012]

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Do Not Forget Me Istanbul Trailer HD [Friday, May 4th 2012]


Mira on Twitter [Sunday, March 18th 2012]

[ mood | happy ]

I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but those that haven't and are on twitter, you might be interested in knowing Mira is on twitter now:


(And yes, it's legit. I only found out when I checked her website and it was at the very top of the 'news' section.)


Many (20) Mira Icons [Tuesday, November 22nd 2011]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Made for likewine20in20....... and found at phinger_paint.

TEEEEEZERS! >>>>>    

Many thanks toscapersuse for the use of one of her pix... and that I had to edit her out.


Mira Furlan interviewed [Monday, September 12th 2011]

There's an interview from Wizard World’s Anaheim Comic Con 2011

And forgive me if I act as Captain Obvious, but http://www.mirafurlan.net is updated, with a blog, translations from her new book and loads of great pictures!

Hatching Day [Wednesday, September 7th 2011]

It's September 7th again -- and it's Mira's birthday! Happy Birthday Mira!


News! News! [Monday, June 20th 2011]

1. Mira Furlan is coming to Anaheim Comic-Con in California (Anaheim Comic Con 2012, Wizard World Convention, APRIL 27-28-29, 2012, FRI-SAT-SUN)

2. I found this and almost fainted: Best Supporting Actress Award, Kiev, Ukraine. Wow. It is the place where I live and first I thought I had missed Mira here. Scary, ha? But she wasn't coming. "Turneja" ("The Tour") received the first prize at Kiev International Film Festival, though our papers don't give any details about supporting roles etc.

3. A new project Do Not Forget Me Istanbul (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1883168) is ready and coming to the theatres September 1st.
"Do not forget me Istanbul" is a joint effort by six directors, mainly from the Balkans and the Middle East, who want to remind people that Istanbul is a city whose memories go beyond Turkey's borders and whose history belongs to the people of those countries as well.
Mira's part: "Dragan and Ana take a long, tiring bus trip every weekend to sell cheap gadgets they carry in old suitcases in the urban jungle called Aksaray. One weekend they lose each other in the crowded streets, and while desperately looking for her husband, Ana encounters someone she lost many years ago: her son Marko who died in the war that tore the Balkans apart in the 1990s. Could that really be him?"
About the film: here and here.

Long-lasting project from 2007, "Apology" is also promised to be ready and comes with a title "Surviving Me" this year.

And pictures: Great one from the last Anaheim Comic-ConCollapse )

From Istanbul film - love it!Collapse )

My favourite from Saraevo Film FestivalCollapse )

[Thursday, January 20th 2011]

The way Mira was singing in 1986

Do you think I should translate November interview or is it too old?


[Tuesday, December 21st 2010]

I found this nice picture from "Turneja"

And an old (summer) interview with really good photos like this

here: http://dnevnik.hr/showbizz/sarajevo-film-festival/mira-furlan-misliti-je-subverzivna-djelatnost.html

Just watched a new film, "Cirkus Columbia", loved it, very touching... I think it will soon be translated.

new interview [Wednesday, November 3rd 2010]

Interview in Croatian, about Mira's new book "Totalna rasprodaja", which is really (as scapersuse said) a collection of short prose and essays written for Croatian magazine Feral Tribune in the course of 2 years. The book was the way to make these texts available for larger public. The title is about the loss of general value system, etc. Mira was a foreign correspondent for the magazine and wrote about her american life (a column was titled "Letters from America", or American postcards, as they used to call it), as well as about her travels and different topics she had to think about. It was fun and a kind of mental exercise.

(gorgeous look!)


a book [Thursday, October 28th 2010]

Did you know that Mira wrote a book? "Totalna rasprodaja" i.e. Total sell


Description (VERY quick translation of mine): Although this opinion does not correspond the rules of literary analysis, the most accurate it would be to say that it is a collection of essays and short prose records of Mira Furlan structured as a pearl necklace. And among these texts there are those who themselves are of low value, such as the one with the title 'The Emigrants'.

Written as extremely intelligent and insightful, this book is a kind of act of resistance, but one in which the author - not befitting the status of the object, not even the 'object of thought' - more commonly uses questionnaires rather than an exclamation point. This is a very fine weave. It is about an artist and intellectual who does not reconcile with the given, but persistently questions the reality around her, to the most awkward detail, and attempts to assess the dimensions of her own non-belonging.

In this book, not-belonging is probably the key word, in which the position and fate ere summarized, a kind of creative vocation, which was described by Joni Mitchell as 'unwillingness of co-operation'. It results in nonconformity in all its delicacy; rare literary gift which the author manages to produce is the subtle side of the rebellion. In addition, in the background it echoes all the time with the mantra of yoga teachers: Do not look for anything outside of yourself… A world of Mira Furlan - which has defiance and understanding, bitterness and tenderness, irony and doubt – is luxurious.

bonus: Photos from Vulkon, Tampa, FL, June, 2003
http://photos.ashtonpress.net/vulkon03.htm (middle of page)


theatre [Tuesday, October 26th 2010]

And another video, of [THE] OPHELIA LANDSCAPE


Abridged version (47 min) of the performance with the same title produced by Poiesis Theatre Project and performed at the Mark Morris Dance Center. Directed by Naum Panovski and performed by Vanessa Bartlett, Mathilde Dratwa, Andressa Furletti, Megumi Haggerty, Carrie Heitman, Sylvia Milo, Klemen Novak, Julia Peterson, Krystine Summers, and Tony Naumovski, and with special guest artists appearing in cyberspace from Los Angeles: Mira Furlan [appears in LOST and Babylon]; from Bratislava: Ina Marojevic; from Paris: William Nadylam [Peter Brook’s Hamlet]; from Nashville: Catherine Luton Apthorp; and from the streets of New York: Jeremy Goren.

Mira at 20:25 min.

interview [Saturday, September 25th 2010]

OmgOmg, seems like it's been half a year since I promised to do a translation. I was kinda away on business, you know ;)

Mira Furlan: Only love is worth struggle and sacrificeCollapse )

bonus videoCollapse )

Correct my mistakes, please!


Cirkus Columbia [Friday, September 24th 2010]


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Picture Coolness! [Monday, September 13th 2010]

[ mood | amused ]

From Claudia Christian's Facebook photo album.  Me thinks Claudia has succumbed  and become a sheep in the Hollywood herd of facelifts!

BUT Mira looks like, well.... MIRA :)

ADORABLE and eating!


interview [Wednesday, September 8th 2010]

New interview in Story.rs, at Sarajevo film festival.
Mira Furlan: Jedino ljubav zaslužuje borbu i žrtvu (Only love is worth struggle and sacrifice).
I will try to translate it in couple days. Meanwhile you can enjoy nice pics there!


Happy Birthday [Tuesday, September 7th 2010]

They just keep coming year after year....

Happy Birthday Mira. September 7

Sending Best Wishes vibes your way!


Birthday Greetings... A Tad Late [Sunday, August 29th 2010]

I might get this just under the wire...

Happy Birthday Goran -- August 29


Interview [Friday, August 6th 2010]

Mira talks (in English) about new film "Cirkus Columbia" and is as articulate/insightful as ever :) Talks about how people should never forget what happened to cause the war in Yugoslavia, she gets a bit upset discussing the circumstances of her leaving =(

New YouTube Vid [Sunday, July 18th 2010]

[ mood | giddy ]

WooHoo.... I just found this and although I don't understand a word of it.... just seeing her smile and dancing eyes makes me all warm and fuzzy!

Sure would love to see her again..... with chocolate salami in hand. :D


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