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a book

Did you know that Mira wrote a book? "Totalna rasprodaja" i.e. Total sell


Description (VERY quick translation of mine): Although this opinion does not correspond the rules of literary analysis, the most accurate it would be to say that it is a collection of essays and short prose records of Mira Furlan structured as a pearl necklace. And among these texts there are those who themselves are of low value, such as the one with the title 'The Emigrants'.

Written as extremely intelligent and insightful, this book is a kind of act of resistance, but one in which the author - not befitting the status of the object, not even the 'object of thought' - more commonly uses questionnaires rather than an exclamation point. This is a very fine weave. It is about an artist and intellectual who does not reconcile with the given, but persistently questions the reality around her, to the most awkward detail, and attempts to assess the dimensions of her own non-belonging.

In this book, not-belonging is probably the key word, in which the position and fate ere summarized, a kind of creative vocation, which was described by Joni Mitchell as 'unwillingness of co-operation'. It results in nonconformity in all its delicacy; rare literary gift which the author manages to produce is the subtle side of the rebellion. In addition, in the background it echoes all the time with the mantra of yoga teachers: Do not look for anything outside of yourself… A world of Mira Furlan - which has defiance and understanding, bitterness and tenderness, irony and doubt – is luxurious.

bonus: Photos from Vulkon, Tampa, FL, June, 2003
http://photos.ashtonpress.net/vulkon03.htm (middle of page)
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